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Night Ryder Video Short

To celebrate the release of our 2015 Night Ryder Imperial Black Rye IPA we’ve crafted another BarrelHouse Forager Video; complete with a Hollywood budget and star-studded cast. Unlike previous videos, no pumpkins or iPhone’s were harmed, too bad we can’t say the same for Mathew’s lady mobile.

Enjoy this Night Ryder short then be sure to check out the full-length version complete with bloopers and outtakes.


Templeton Kolsch Style AleTempleton – Kolsch Style Ale
Crisp | Gooseberry | Lychee
Templeton Details
Templeton is crafted to be highly sessionable with a light balanced body and clean refreshing finish. Select malts and hops add subtle biscuit character with notes of pear and sauvignon blanc. We keep this beer low on alcohol and high on flavor so it pairs well with both work and play. This beer is a tribute to our friends in the community.

Availability: Year-round where distributed.Portfolio Availability
Sunny DazeSunny Daze – Citrus Blonde Ale
Smooth | Citrus | Honey
Sunny Daze Details
The perfect refreshing ale for those sunny California days. We crafted this delicious tropical blonde with clementine oranges and fresh local orange blossom honey. Since we debuted this smooth sweet nectar people can’t seem to get enough. Grab a bottle or pint of Sunny Daze and venture off the beaten path.

Availability: Year-round where distributed.Portfolio Availability


BarrelHouse Blonde AleBarrelHouse Blonde
Smooth | Tropical | Wheat
BarrelHouse Blonde Details
Meet the craft beer drinkers blonde. This blonde is crafted with a very unique blend of West Coast hops to lend just enough IBU’s for those that appreciate hops but not too over-powering for those looking for something balanced and drinkable. This beer imparts delicious citrus and fruit character with a smooth finish.
Availability: Year-round where distributed.Portfolio Availability
BarrelHouse Rye IPABarrelHouse Rye IPA
Hoppy | Citrus | Rye
BarrelHouse IPA Details
What makes our unfiltered Rye IPA memorable is it’s incredibly unique flavor. It delivers citrus, apricot and grapefruit, created from our award winning blend of Sorachi Ace, Centennial and Chinook hops; balanced with a spicy finish only rye can deliver. We brewed long and hard to deliver something special among a sea of mediocre beers.

Availability: Year-round where distributed.Portfolio Availability


BarrelHouse IPABarrelHouse IPA
Hoppy | Dank | Mango
BarrelHouse IPA Details
We’ve built this delicious unfiltered IPA around our favorite hops to bring the dank, mango hop goodness that only Mosaic, Simcoe, and Cascade hops can deliver. We believe an IPA should be balanced like great music. Our award winning harmony of malts and hops is what makes this IPA stand out from the crowd. Put it in your mouth. You can thank us later.

Availability: Year-round where distributed.Portfolio Availability
BarrelHouse StoutBarrelHouse Stout
Creamy | Milk | Chocolate
BarrelHouse Stout Details
Since the first batch, our people can’t get enough of this creamy, complex, drinkable stout. We crafted this unfiltered brew with oats for creaminess, lactose for sweetness, Belgian dark syrups for intense dark fruit notes, dark malts for a hint of chocolate and coffee roast, and just enough hops for an award winning bittersweet finish. The perfect beer made for the perfect moment.

Availability: Year-round where distributed.Portfolio Availability


Estate Hopped India Pale Lager – Tropical | Melon | Lager
Introducing the first release of our yearly Estate Hopped beers. 2015 was the first official harvest for us and this year’s crop included Cascade, Chinook, & Amalia. Right off the bines (yes, bines with a b) these hops were juicy and full of aroma. It was important that we crafted a beer that would showcase all of the hop goodness without a malty background getting in the way. What better way than with a Lager! This IPL has an amazing tropical nose, melon on the palate, and because it’s a Lager is incredibly drinkable. We couldn’t be more pleased with this beer. We only had enough hops for a single turn, so we’re limited to draft and select accounts. Get it before it’s gone!
ABV 6.2% | IBU: 35 | F.G. 1.009 ~ Taproom, Select Draft Accounts

Good Medicine Session IPA – Lime Zest | Casaba Melon | Lychee
Brewed entirely with hops from the Southern Hemisphere, this Session IPA is flat out delicious. The simple malt bill and clean finish allow the Southern Cross and Nelson Sauvin hops to truly shine. The unique fruit flavors created by the marriage of these hops leaves you craving this beer at the most peculiar times. Bring your growler with you, you can thank us later!
ABV 5.3% | IBU: 38 | F.G. 1.011 ~ Taproom, Select Draft Accounts, & 22oz Bottles


BHBC Night Ryder BottleNight Ryder – Imperial Black Rye IPA
Rich Malts | Piney Resin | Rye Spice
Night Ryder Details
This Imperial Black Rye IPA breaks down and rebuilds the boundaries between dark malts and brilliant, complex, hoppy IPA aromas that were pioneered here on the West Coast. This beer imparts huge pine and spicy rye complexity with a subtle malt sweetness. Forager Series… Venture off the beaten path. Cheers!
Availability: Seasonal Release (November 2015)
Taproom: 22oz Bottles & Draft
Distribution: 22oz Bottles & Draft
BHBC Harvest AleHarvest Ale
Graham Cracker | Pumpkin Pie | Vanilla
Harvest Ale Details

As fall settles on the Central Coast, our desires for a more compex, malt focused beer come to life. To satisfy this desire, we present to you the Harvest Ale. Created in the Forager Spirit, this spiced brown porter is crafted with fresh local spices and hand roasted pumpkins. With hints of graham cracker, pumpkin pie, and vanilla, it celebrates the spirit of the season with a truly unique taste. The brew pairs well with raking leaves, carving pumpkins, and preparing for El Niño… Cheers!
Availability: Seasonal Release (September 2015)
Taproom: Sold Out
Distribution: 22oz Bottles


GrogGrog – Brown Sugar Imperial Ale
Molasses | Rum | Coconut
Grog Details
Loaded with unique, robust flavors, this Brown Sugar Imperial Ale was hand crafted and aged in Caribbean rum barrels for 12 months. Hints of Molasses, rum, tobacco, and coconut round this dark nectar into a delicious, drinkable Imperial Ale that pairs well with plundering, pillaging and pretty much anything else pirates are known for. Cheers!
Availability: Limited Release (October 2015)
Taproom: 22oz Bottles
Distribution: 22oz Bottles

Curly Wolf BottleCurly Wolf – Maple Vanilla Imperial Stout
Maple | Vanilla | Bourbon
Curly Wolf DetailsIntroducing our third release within our RESERVADO DE ROBLES. This oak barrel aged, limited release series is the canvas for our beer artists. Creamy and complex, this Russian Imperial Stout was aged in 11 year old bourbon barrels for 6 months until the time was just right. We added fresh maple syrup to the boil and whole vanilla beans into the barrels as it aged to impart sweetness and complexity. This beer is dangerously smooth, 100% barrel aged and 100% delicious!

Availability: Seasonal Release (2015)
Taproom: 22oz Bottles
Distribution: 22oz Bottles


Riesling Blonde Sour | Batch No. 1403 [SOUR]
This fruit forward blonde sour is a blend of both white wine barrel and foeder fermented beers. We fruited this golden beer with late harvest riesling skins and juice early in fermentation to allow the tropical characteristics of the grape to evolve and mature during the long Brettanomyces fermentation. The resulting aromas are both tropical and stone fruit driven with lemony bright acidity as the perfect balance.
ABV 7.1% ~ Taproom, Select Draft Accounts, & 500ML Bottles Only

Apricot Blonde Sour | Batch No. 1402 [SOUR]
This is the second vintage of our apricot blonde sour, 100% fermented in wine barrels. The apricots were added directly to the barrels early in fermentation and allowed to release all their aromatic potential during the long Brettanomyces fermentation. The resulting aromas are funky and fruity in the best way. The classic brett earthy funk gives way to layers of ripe apricot and white chocolate oak character.
ABV 6.7% ~ Taproom, Select Draft Accounts, & 500ML Bottles Only

Barrel Select Riesling Blonde Sour | Batch No. 1401 [SOUR]
This Blonde Sour, fruited with late harvest Riesling, is our first Barrel Select release. A number of barrels were hand-selected for their complexity and uniqueness. The white wine oak barrels were topped off with rich riesling must and juice early in fermentation. This technique adds structure and body with soft tannin backing up ripe fruits. Expect huge pineapple from the brettanomyces and mild vanilla and butterscotch from the oak with a balanced tart funkiness.
ABV 7.9% ~ 500ML Bottles Only

Sweet Flanders Red | Batch No. 1303 [SOUR]
This Imperial Sweet Flanders Red was aged in once filled Napa Valley french oak Cabernet Sauvignon barrels. We added late harvest Zinfendel Berries and fermented with lacto and brett to lend a distinct tartness to the rich, deep red, malty body. There are notes of vanilla, toasted oak, ripe plumb, and port wine. Enjoy this sour near room temperature in fluted glassware.
ABV 10.4% ~ 500ML Bottles Only


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